Fuzion Professional Massage Therapy is the premier massage therapy practice in Durham, North Carolina.  Clients of Fuzion expect and receive a relaxing, rejuvenating and therapeutic session performed in a beautifully serene setting.  Our Licensed Massage Therapists are well trained in multiple modalities which are integrated into each session.  This enables you to receive the best massage with optimum results at each visit.
Our mission at Fuzion is to provide holistic methods of massage, bodywork and training in a relaxed, serene setting. We believe the connection between Mind, Body and Spirit is the key to allowing your body to achieve homeostasis. By providing our clients with peace, relaxation and well-being through specialized massage therapy treatments, we strive to meet your needs on all three levels.   

When you are at Fuzion Professional Massage Therapy, you will be treated in a professional, beautiful, and relaxing environment. Whether you are the CEO of a company, a seasoned athlete, expectant mother, blue collar worker, or a couple on vacation, you will find that your needs are met at Fuzion.
Continuing education for Licensed Massage Therapists is available at Fuzion. If you are looking to receive your continuing education for massage therapy license renewal, we encourage you to consider the classes that are offered here. All of our classes are NCBTMB approved for Continuing Education credits.
We offer flat rate pricing for our massage services with the exception of discounted pricing for children, reflexology and Radiance massage on the face. 
30 minutes                      $55                                    Children age 17 and under:          30 minutes      $30
45 minutes                      $70                                                                                     45 minutes      $45
60 minutes                      $85                                                                                     60 minutes      $60
75 minutes                      $100
90 minutes                      $115                                  A Walk in the Clouds Reflexology:  30 minutes      $30
105 minutes                    $135                                                                                    45 minutes      $45
2 hours                           $150                                 Radiance Face Massage                 30 minutes      $30

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Relaxation from head to toe!

Imagine laying comfortably in a cozy room while your face is gently massaged with lightly heated, delicate bamboo tools. Are your feet ready for a relaxing reflexology treatment that will put your mind and body into the clouds? Enjoy giving these gifts of relaxation at a savings that will keep a jingle in your pocket!

A Walk in the Clouds Reflexology

A relaxing reflexology session is a wonderful, relaxation technique using a combination of essential oils and shea butter to apply strokes to pressure points, kneading, and smooth strokes on the entire foot.

30 minutes

$30.00 value for only $25.00!

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You will leave radiant after receiving a heated bamboo massage for the face. A luxurious treatment by itself or the perfect finishing touch to complete a full body massage. This luxurious "French massage for the face" will increase the flow of oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the facial area leaving your skin soft and supple.

30 minutes

$30.00 value for only $25.00!

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Radiant Tranquility Massage savings of $30

Give the gift of relaxation and well being with this incredible offer! Purchase our Radiant Tranquility massage which includes a one hour massage followed by a 30 minute Radiance massage for the face and save $30!

Radiant Tranquility

Enjoy a 60 minute signature massage followed by a 30 minute facial massage that will leave you radiant and relaxed.

90 minutes

$140.00 value for only $85.00!

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Relax Into the Season!

The holidays can be hectic, but we’ve got the perfect thing to maintain a calm resolve through the end of the year – a restorative massage! Massage is the perfect way to take a little time to rejuvenate the body, replenish the spirit and create a quiet space all your own. Let us help you embrace joy all season long! Come in and enjoy one of our signature massages and spend this December a little more relaxed. Schedule your appointment with us now!

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